Friday, 27 April 2012

London, UK Real Estate for Sale

Check out my first find for a current London real estate listing. Now here is something a little more along the line of a home for sale video that I was initially expecting to find.

This video was posted in April of this year and shows a current London condo for sale. However, I must say that it's very, very stark white!

Was going to be London For Sale but it's Minority Report

Since we covered real estate TV based upon London England, I was looking to add another video to my real real estate series, but I found this gem of a current real estate video:

Now this one is a little different but I wanted to show it. It's plugging UK investment real estate, the video quality is great but I didn't like the the lack of sound in it requiring me to read the screen. The video has a real future "Minority Report" type feel to it doesn't it.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

House Hunters Denmark to St. Lucia

It's been awhile since I saw this show of House Hunters International, but since I went to St. Lucia on holidays a few years back I wanted to make sure I covered this amazing island!

In this show we follow a couple moving from Denmark and have a great budget.

There options are:

1) 1 millions for a condo with 2 bedrooms in a resort.
2) 1.6 million for a nice home on a hill with a great view, but not near the water.
3) 1.7 million for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with 2,500 feet of room and a great location but it was a major fixer upper.

In the end they choice option number #2 with it's 3,000 feet of room, 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and it's great view of the Pitons.

Holmes Inspection - Roof Issues

I watched another Holmes Inspection show. It's amazing to see what a home inspector can miss but what a home builder like Mike Holmes can find just by looking at the home.

In this case the big issues start with the front of the house with 4 layers of shingles rotting out the front roof. While in the back of the house there was a large flat roof that didn't have the proper finishing coat.

Interesting enough, it seems that the prior home owners rushed the home inspection because they were having a dinner party thus cutting the inspection down from 2.5 hours to 1.

If I ever hear that line I'm going to look twice as long and be ready to run away from the house.


Finally figures out what the name of Sandra's new show is. It's called BUY HERSELF. As you recall from my prior post, she has left Property Virgins to start this show.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Selling Spelling

I saw the first show of what should be a short TV series on Selling Spelling Manor this past weekend.

The show is covering the sale of one house. What makes a mini-series out of selling this house is that it's being offered for sale a $150 million!!

In this first show we learned the history of the home. It located on the site of the former Bring Crosby estate which was ripped down to build this monster of a home over nearly a decade of construction!

Should be interesting to watch this one, wonder what they'll get for it.

New Show for Sandra

I saw an ad this past weekend on HGTV for a new real estate tv show. What made this one exciting was that the host was Sandra from Property Virgins. Looks like she gave up hosting Property Virgins and all of the travel associated with it for the new show.

This show is called Her Estate or something similar and it seems to be focused on helping female home buyers! Looks like a good show and an interesting spin on home selling TV.