Thursday, 31 May 2012

Florida Market Report

Since we have looked at Vegas & Arizona already I figured I'd round out my covered of the big 3 real estate market melt downs by finding a     real estate market report for Florida.

This one is put out by a REIT organization and the video quality appears to be the best of all. As per the other 2 market report videos they are forecasting an improved market as we move forward. However, of the 3 markets I'm the most skeptical of Florida in the short term. Hopefully I'm wrong however.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Arizona Real Estate Market

Since the last video discussed the Vegas real estate market with a suggestion that it was improving, I figured I would see if I could get some information on Arizona. As you probably already know Vegas, Arizona & Florida were probably the 3 hardest hit real estate markets over the last few years. Thus this video from Arizona:

This real estate video is discussing Q1 2012 which did end at the end of March but it is fairly new on Youtube which is why it got picked for the preview. As you can see the production quality appears better than the last REALTOR video on Vegas. From this video we can see that this REALTOR is expecting a brighter future for real estate in Arizona.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Good News for Vegas Real Estate Baby

I found this new Realtor video discussing improvements in the Vegas real estate market.

I think this video goes on for a little too long. 6 minutes is a lot to listen to an agent, which is why it's getting a poor rating on Youtube in my opinion. If he could cut (or edit) the talk down to 2 minutes he would probably have a winner.

In any event the realtor is discussing the vegas real estate market and the fact that the number of foreclosures are down. Which is good news for anybody living in that area.

The Good Life in Austin Texas

I came across this real estate brokerage in other video and they looked very interesting. It seems that they are moving to save the environment by going to near 100% ipad use to sell homes in Austin.

This was a short video clip outlining their program for becoming an paperless agent. I'm happy to see somebody is putting the ipad to use as a business tool. Up to now I've always felt it was an expensive but very cool toy. I wonder how long it will be before we see an agent using one on House Hunters, Property Virgins or 1 of the "Selling" shows.

Do you have an tablet that your able to make use of in your business?

It's been slow lately

We have had some great weather locally so I've been spending a lot of time outside enjoying it.

This has of course had an impact on my watching of Real Estate TV & Video. However my PVR is full and I expect to be able to watch some shows in the next little while as we are now expecting a bit of rain. So I'm hoping to be able to push out some blog post on home shows in the next few days.

Until then, I hope your having great weather as well.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Blogspot Changes to Country Specific Domains

I just wanted to let my readers know that Google has made some changes to Blogspot and created country specific domains for each blogspot blog.

Google's reasoning for this is that it allows them to manage content based upon where the reader is reading the blog from thus not get in trouble with your nations government.

Thus if your reading this blog from the US it will remain a .com, however if your reading it from Canada it will be a .ca or from the UK it will be a I assume that Google knows what it's doing in regards to being able to index this site and allow you to read more great Real Estate TV Video content.