Friday, 19 October 2012

Homes and Garden Opening

Check out this opening title sequence from Homes & Garden from 1998.

That was a gardening flashback and as the song says ... things are always getting better all the time.

Of course today's opening TV titles are probably going to be looking a little silly in 20 years as well.

Property Brothers for Charity

Check out this story about HGTV helping out a few good causes:

HGTV's 'Property Brothers' split up to help NH

HGTV's 'Property Brothers' split up to help NH, Illinois communities go for ... HGTV's 'Property Brothers,' Jonathan and Drew Scott, are hosting a one-hour Halloween TV special 'Pumpkin Wars,' which is centered around the attempts of the 22nd annual Keene Pumpkin Festival and the second annual Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival ... and more »