Friday, 30 September 2011

Real Hong Kong Real Estate

Another installment in my on going blogging about current real estate in cities that have been profiles in real estate reality TV. Here is Hong Kong real estate for Sale!

This one is actually discussing the enter asian and Hong Kong real estate market. Rather interesting. Especially since may of the homes are similar to those we would find here in North America, not what I expect when I think of buying a home or condo in the far east!

Income Property

Income Property is always an interesting show to watch. Since it's about normal people who wanted to become real estate investors but got in way over there head since they are not able to get there rental units done.

In this show we meet a couple that have purchased a triplex for $450,000 that haven't been able to rent out any of the units yet since they are all in poor condition. Thankfully for them "Income Property" shows up and bails them out a bit.

The show only reinnovates 1 unit for them, which ends up being the top floor penthouse since it's the one that will earn the most money. The real estate investors are smart enough to pick the most expensive reno that will bring them the most money at $17,500 with a projected rent of $1,200 / month.

After that the show becomes a standard reno show.

Country Living From New Orleans

Another House Hunters last night.

Started watching it late and I was unable to figure out where they were looking to buy a home. But the home buyers had a massive budget of $100,000 and appeared to have been moving away from New Orleans since he was a trumpeter and was playing some New Orleans Jazz!

Anyways the purchase a half built country home for $55,000 as the husband figured he could learn to build and complete the home himself. Well they went back to visit and the home wasn't as far along as they expected and they were still living in the Trailer!

The couple did seem happy with there purchase it just maybe awhile before they are able to move in. Reminded me of another show of House Hunters International last year when another family ended up in the same situation!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Texas Real Estate for Sale

Keeping up with profiling some current real estate for sale in a town which has been covered on real estate tv. I present this Youtube real estate video:

No price listed on this property. The home looks empty from the main floor since there doesn't seem to be any funiture or blinds. Yet some of the bedrooms still have beds and looked lived in. I wonder if this video was created from pictures taken while the home was in the process of getting staged downstairs. Or the owner was yet to move out of the back yard.

In addition, I love how this one water front, yet the water front appears to be a man made drainage lake. But I guess that is how they do it in Texas real estate.

House Hunters in Paradise

Another great House Hunters show on HGTV last night. I forget the name of the island but it sure looked a lot like paradise.

The couple was looking to spend $750,000 and for that they were getting some nice beach front property, but not a mansion by any means. If they wanted a mansion they would have needed to buy the 3rd option which was an inland mountain estate.

In any event the island looked amazing! Not certain what they are planning to do on the island since the couple seem very young and at the end of the show they were debating what the should read that day!

More House Hunters in Hong Kong

Well I watched another new show of House Hunters International and once again it was in Hong Kong. I assume that they sent a crew over and filmed several different house hunts at the same time. As I said in one of my earlier posts this could be due to the still terrible housing market in the US.

In this show the house hunters were also renters due to Hong Kong property ownership laws. This show was about a couple being transferred from Austrilia to Hong Kong and seemed to have a lower budget than the prior show only $30,000 a year in rent!

Once again it was a mix of apartment units being looked at until they found the right one.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Housing Hunting in Hong Kong

Another new House Hunters interantion was on HGTV last night. This one had a family moving from Cleveland Ohio to Hong Kong.

Clearly a significant culture shock for the family who were selling what appeared to be a 5 bedroom family home with lots of land and ended up moving to an apartment unit where some of the kids needed to share a room!

Still no signs of the US based House Hunters.

Property Virgins - A 4th Home in Mississauga

Interest twist in this show of Property Virgins. As normal we saw a couple looking to buy a home in the Mississauga area of Toronto and they saw 3 homes in the $350,000 price range.

As expected they placed an offer on a nice house in a condomium complex at close to market value but it was significantly less than the asking price. Well the home owners countered at "their best price" and that is when the twist happened.

The REALTOR informed that home buyers that an even better home had come up for sale in the same condominium development for not much more than one this house they were offering on was asking. Well, then immediately went over and toured the 4th home and that was the one they purchased!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Vacation Home in Costa Rica Youtube Video

Here is another real estate video on some current real estate being sold in Costa Rica.

This is a nice short 2 minute video on a cool place in Costa Rica. Looks like a place I would enjoy a nice vacation at. What I love about this video is that the REALTOR lists one of the features of the home as having: 2 wheel drive access. Not really a feature around here, but It's certainly something to consider when you go looking for vacation real estate in other parts of the world.

My First Sale in Texas

As I said in my prior post I watched My First Sale last night and I enjoyed watching this first show of the new season on HGTV.

In this eposide we had a man who had gone through a divorce trying to sell his home. It seems that it had purchased it for $205,000 some years ago and currently owed $200,000 on the mortgage. He certainly wasn't paying down the mortgage very aggressively was he.

In any event after about 60 days on the market it was able to sell the house for $215,000 but in the mean time the back told him that he now owed $209,000 on the house. So after factoring in all of his moving costs he was going to need to come up with $9,000 to sell his home.

Well the REALTOR in order to make this deal happen and because she felt really bad for her client told him that she was waving her fee and got the buyers agent to reduce the amount that they would be paid as well. This meant that he only needed to bring $1,000 to the closing.

So Good news for him.

Unfortantely, the deal fell apart on home inspection, from what we saw on the show it was a bunch of minor items that any home would have but the buyer decided to walk away.

At the end of the show we have the home owner moving out because the bank foreclosed!

My First Sale Back on HGTV

My First Sale is back on HGTV. Or if it's been on, it's the first time I've seen it on HGTV in sometime. I caught two shows last night with home owners trying to sell there home.

This show although is seems to be the reverse of a normal home buying show is in fact probably significantly more difficult to produce, since unlike looking at 3 homes and buying 1 in a weekend, My First Sale shows must take months to actually film. Especially in the slow US economy.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

House Hunters - Washington to China

House Hunters International on HGTV last night and it looked to be a show from the new season. In this show we had a family moving from Washington DC to China.

I don't remember which city in China that they where moving to other than to remember it wasn't one that I would normally be able to name.

In any event the choice of homes was really interesting in that we had 2 apartment Hi-Rise homes and 1 detached home. All were very new and very modern looking. Not something that I associate with China and real estate.

Anyways hopefully the rest of this season is as good as this show was.

Still Bad US real estate market?

I've been watching a lot of new eposides of House Hunters International lately but there don't seem to be that many related to House Hunters itself lately. Then it hit me is this related to the US economy and bad real estate market?

I mean is the show having a hard time getting interesting home buying shows made in the US due to the real estate market hence needing to get their show content in the rest of the world?