Friday, 30 September 2011

Income Property

Income Property is always an interesting show to watch. Since it's about normal people who wanted to become real estate investors but got in way over there head since they are not able to get there rental units done.

In this show we meet a couple that have purchased a triplex for $450,000 that haven't been able to rent out any of the units yet since they are all in poor condition. Thankfully for them "Income Property" shows up and bails them out a bit.

The show only reinnovates 1 unit for them, which ends up being the top floor penthouse since it's the one that will earn the most money. The real estate investors are smart enough to pick the most expensive reno that will bring them the most money at $17,500 with a projected rent of $1,200 / month.

After that the show becomes a standard reno show.

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