Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Expensive Homes in London

House hunters international again yesterday and this time instead of showing a big move it was expensive real estate in London.

The home buyer was more of an investor and was looking to buy property in the 1.2 million dollar range in the Hyde Park area of London.

Well it seems that you cannot get much for 1.2 million in London, it's an expensive city.

The options we had where:

1. A nice sized home that needed major work because the prior owner died in the middle of renovating it for 1.2 million.

2. A small, narrow home in a unique location for 1.23 million or

3. A nice, fully upgraded and complete home for 1.7 million.

I think in this one the choice of pretty clear the investor picked home number 1 and was able to purchase it for "only" 800,000!  After some good rennovations the show indicated it was now worth more than twice that amount!

Takes money to make money!

Mexican Vacation Villas

Well there wasn't that great of a selection of real estate videos from Mexico. So I went with something that was a bit older but was easy on the eyes.

I hope you enjoyed all the luxury of this home and the amazing blue of the Mexican sky and water. Makes me want to take another holiday.

However, I'm not really certain if Mexico would be a safe place to go!

Toronto Homes For Sale Video

Toronto is one of those very busy markets with a lot of REALTORS® trying to stand out in a crowd. As such it was easy to find this current home for sale video.

This one is a pretty standard video, converting pictures into a panning movie shot with some very upbeat back ground music. I liked it a lot.

It had a good production value with some ok intro branding and the level of real estate agent branding was at an appriate level.

Overall a good video.

Cincinnati Real Estate For Sale

I've looked for a current video of a home for sale in Cincinnati and I was happy to find that I had a few choices of current real estate videos made this February.

This is a short REALTOR video covering a house that is being sold with some nice background music.

On the side panel throughout the entire video is the REALTORS branding and contact information. It's almost too much as it seems to pull away from the pics of the house.

One interesting thing in this video however is at the end the picture and name of a 2nd real estate agent pops up for a brief second. Not certain why she gets a brief 2nd billing.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Toronto to Mexico

Another show of House Hunters international I watched last night was covering a couple moving from Toronto to Mexico. Except that they were not really moving from Toronto, it seem that they were just staying there for a bit after spending the last 3 years living in a 300 square foot apartment in Japan.

The home buyers were looking for a luxury villa in the 200k range, and amazingly they had several very nice options. All with personal sized pools in their backyard.

In the end they ended up purchasing a home for over their price range for 220k. But it was clearly the best of the lot.

House Hunters - Cincinnati

Well house hunters covered home buyers looking in Cincinati last night. Personnally my only experience with Cincinati to date was watching the old classic TV show WKRP.

However, the city seemed very nice from what I saw and real estate pricing seemed to be very reasonable.

This episode covered a young couple looking to buy their first home. Of the three homes we saw my guess was that they would be buying number 3.

I though that the 3rd home was the best fit being a bit bigger than the rest despite the lack of privacy due to it backing onto a high school.

However, in the end they picked home number 1 which must have been in a better area of town.

St Louis Real Estate for Sale

The most current realty tv show covered was St Louis so I'm not going to miss it in my real estate video coverage.

This video is hot off the production press, being posted just yesterday! It shows what looks to be a very nice house in St Louis. Priced at only $61,900 it looks to be a real steal of a real estate deal.

I likedthe video but the audio did seem to come in a few seconds late for my liking. However, the production quality was very good.

Southern Spain Vacation Villas

Another video. This one is covering Southern Spain real estate or more accurately vacation villas.

This video is very similar to the last one I did on Korean real estate. However, this video does have some great spainish back ground music and lots of photos of various Spainish vacation villas that have been sold by the firm producing the video.

Like this other video, this one is from 2011 and is a lot older than the ones I like to highlight in the blog.

South Korean Real Estate Video

Another area that I missed in my real real estate series is the South Korean market. As you recall from the reality tv show foreigners normally end up renting but I went with a video of an apartment for sale.

If you watched the video then this is clearly a luxury apartment available to house hunters. The video wasn't the best quality and is kind of old but there wasn't much of a selection. This one of course didn't seem to have any sound and the person putting it together went a little crazy on transition effects!

Denver Real Estate Video

It's been awhile since I covered the Denver real estate show. But I hate to miss to a market so I'm presenting the following REALTOR video of a home currently for sale on MLS in that market.

This home is in the Washington Park area of Denver with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. At almost $1.3 million asking price for this property I'd say that the real estate market in Denver must be pretty expensive!

What I liked about this video is that it showed a good number of photos expanding into the room getting larger. Unlike a lot of videos that we see that just move by focusing in on an area.