Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Expensive Homes in London

House hunters international again yesterday and this time instead of showing a big move it was expensive real estate in London.

The home buyer was more of an investor and was looking to buy property in the 1.2 million dollar range in the Hyde Park area of London.

Well it seems that you cannot get much for 1.2 million in London, it's an expensive city.

The options we had where:

1. A nice sized home that needed major work because the prior owner died in the middle of renovating it for 1.2 million.

2. A small, narrow home in a unique location for 1.23 million or

3. A nice, fully upgraded and complete home for 1.7 million.

I think in this one the choice of pretty clear the investor picked home number 1 and was able to purchase it for "only" 800,000!  After some good rennovations the show indicated it was now worth more than twice that amount!

Takes money to make money!

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