Thursday, 5 January 2012

House Hunters in Chicago

Another new show of house hunters was on HGTV this week. In this issue we have a couple looking to purchase a new home in Chicago nearly Wriggley stadium.

They ended up having 3 choices:

#1 Was an old converted Couch House with no outside land and no parking it was 440k and only 1500 feet.

#2 Was a 3 unit home which included 2 units for renting. Thus making the 575k price tag affordable. It also include 2000 feet of living space in the owners unit.

#3 Also had a single rental unit on the first floor, with a nice 4 bedroom 2 bathroom owners unit on the 2nd and 3rd floors. It had 1700 feet for the owners and some updates. However the 3rd floor was a converted attic with some small bedrooms in my opinion. However the price tag was 577k.

In the end the home buyers picked opinion #3.

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