Wednesday, 10 August 2011

House Hunters International in Croatia

Another interesting show of House Hunters International was on last week. It was about a couple that was looking to buy a vacation home in the seaside town of Dubrovnik. What made this interesting is that the home buyers lived in a 2 bedroom condo in Britain and ran a vacation rental business for Croatia.

The home buying couple seemed to be very experienced in finding high end vacation rental homes, however buying a vacation home in a more reasonable price range seemed to be a bit out of their experience range. You could tell this as they seem really disappointed with the homes that they were able to afford.

However like most real estate it ended up that this couple compromised and was able to find a modern updated home that they liked but it was in the country and not sea side.

All in all and interesting show and it makes me add Croatia to my list of places that I would like to visit.

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