Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Million Dollars in Saint John

A show of House Hunters International followed a couple looking to spend 1 million dollars that they had saved up to buy a vacation home in Saint John.

Now if your like myself you've probably never heard of Saint John before but it's an island in the US Virgin Island chain very close to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, both of which are near Puerto Rico.

Well it seems this couple had been saving their money for a very long time and had come down for only 1 weekend to buy their dream vacation home. But as we found out when watching the show a million dollars does not go very far in Saint Johns.

The first house they saw was only a 2 bedroom home and the next 2 houses where 3 bedrooms! Now the homes were not that small, had a nice lot, 2 of the 3 had a pool and an excellent view of the ocean. But for 1 million I'd be expecting more.

In the end the couple purchased the 2 bedroom home with plans to renovate for a 3rd bedroom. Personally I'd take my million and see what it could buy me on another island.


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