Thursday, 13 October 2011

House Hunters in Tampa Bay

In this House Hunters show we find a family looking for a home in Tampa Bay with a 500k budget.

Now $500k is a pretty good buget in my mind for buying a home, however we have seen it doesn't go to far in other parts to the world. Happily this Tampa Bay Florida which has depressed housing prices. As a result we were able to see several homes with multiple bedrooms that worked for this family.

In the end however, these home buyers purchased a 5 bedroom home with an amazing backyard pool. The house however had a major draw back in that it was a big time fixer upper. However their REALTOR seemed to come through when making the deal as they were able to get the house which was listed for $499,000 down to $435,000 so they could afford the repair costs!

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