Friday, 14 October 2011

House Hunters Mississipi to Dubai

Another interesting show on HGTV of House Hunters International.

In this one we follow a newly wed couple where the husband has been transfered from Mississipi to Dubai in the UAE for his consulting jobs. The twist is that the wife is a nurse and also needs to find a job in Dubai.

As often in these foreign exotic locations, the house hunters are not legally allowed to buy property in Dubai so we follow them as they try to find something to rent. The requirements for this home search seems that it's required to be water front near a marina.

The first apartment we find is in a hi-res building 2 bedrooms and 1300 feet, the only problem is that it's too high up for when the grooms family comes to visit. The next property is a nice villa which is way to far out of town and the 3rd property is a similar apartment to the first one except that it's lower to the ground but as a result there is far to much street noise!

Can you guess which one these home buyers picked?

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