Monday, 4 July 2011

House Hunters in LA (Santa Monica / Brentwood)

As a big contrast to the 2 shows of House Hunters international I watched House Hunters in LA this weekend as well. In this show a couple had $500,000 to spend on a condo in the Santa Monica beach area of Los Angeles. It seems that their money doesn't go as far in this area of the US as it does in other area.

$500k for a condo 11 blocks from the Santa Monica beach got you a small condo with a view of the alley. The home buyer actually said that this unit gave them a dorm room feel. Ya I'm thinking that they are going to be passing on that one.

As a result they moved farther from the beach to the Brentwood area and saw 2 homes. One was a townhouse style and the other was an apartment condo. I was thinking that they would take the townhouse but I was surprised when the picked the aparment condo. I guess that the roof top swimming pool is what did it for them.

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