Monday, 4 July 2011

House Hunters International in Jerusalem

I watched the show of House Hunters in Jerusalem with a lot of interest. Not so much from the house hunting point of view but rather from just seeing the city. When I think of Jerusalem the images of a war zone come to mind. I expected to see barbed wire, sandbags, fox holes and soldiers everywhere!

But this was not the case, it looked like a clean, modern city in a warm climate a place I might actually be interested in visiting now.

As to the house hunter the buyer was working with a REALTOR® looking for a home in the area of the city called the German Colony, which I imagine would have been established by German settlers at one point. The homes had a european feel, being made from stone, rather large and have some nice garden surrounding them. Of course the price point was between $2 & $3 million dollars so I would hope the home buyer would be able to get something large for that amount of money. However we have been surprised before with just how expensive things can be in some international cities.

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