Monday, 11 July 2011

House Hunters Trilogy in Nashville

I saw an eposide of House Hunters this weekend which was set in Nashville and it ended up being the final chapter of a trilogy. Trilogy in house hunter? Yep, I was confused as well, it turns out that this was this home buyers 3 time on the show!

It seems that this home buyer was on prior with her first house hunt, buying a home after getting a divorce and now she had got married again and was looking for a new family home in Nashville.

Of the homes they looked at where 2 standard large family homes and a 3rd house that was waterfront but required a lot of work. Well the choice was pretty clear what they where going to pick it was the lake front home.

This home was a great size, had a wonderful view and lots of sunlight. The only problem in my mind was the steep slope it was on that lead down to the water and the large number of stairs that would need to be maintained.

The final section of the show had them checking in with the home buyers 4 months later and it seems that they had not actually moved in yet. They were still involved in doing a lot of painting and reno's. However the house did look great so I doubt that they'll be back for a fourth show.

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