Monday, 4 July 2011

House Hunters International in Greece

I watched another show of House Hunters international this past weekend this one was set in Greece. The home buyers where locals who lived in a small apartment in Athens but wanted to purchase a beach vacation home.

The price point for this purchase was $350,000 so it was a reasonable amount of money to look for a vacation home in my opinion, plus they where looking in a beach area 4 hours from Athens. Athens I was surprised to learn is where half the population of Greece actually lives. So I would expect prices to be very reasonable else where in Greece.

I don't recall the name of the beach town the home buyers where looking in with their REALTOR but what I do remember is that background noise of all of the bugs. They commented on the noise in the show but the back ground sound on the TV was enough to drive me crazy! I would hate to actually have to go there or need to buying real estate in the area.

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