Thursday, 7 July 2011

Yard Crashers - Backyard Pool in 2 days

I wanted to mention a new TV show on HGTV that I saw this week called "diy Yard Crashers". I had never seen it before but it seems to be a spin off of the show "Home Crashers".

In this show they seem to pick a home owner at random and make major upgrades to the backyard in a 48 hour period, with the home owner helping out a bit.

I was most impressed with what the show did to this house. The backyard was a medium sized backyard that wasn't maintained at all. It had no gardens and no grass, it was just an over grown mess of weeds with a concrete slab as a patio.

What they ended up doing to this place is putting in a pool in 48hrs, something that I find very impressive since you normally need at least 24hrs for the concrete to dry. But I guess they work overnight using torches to help the cement. The pool ended up being tiled with a small waterfall feature.

But the backyard improvements didn't end there. They created a huge bench table as a center piece, improved the patio with a shade and added a fire feature. Overall a very impressive upgrade. If yard crashers wants to visit my home I'll welcome them into my backyard.

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