Wednesday, 25 May 2011

House Hunters - California & Rome

So I caught two shows last night the normal house hunters and house hunters international.

In house hunters the buyer was looking to spend around $400,000 on an apartment condo in California. I do not remember the city but all of the condominiums seemed very nice. However they clearly got smaller (with less building perks) the closer you got to the city centre. In the end the buyer picked the condo that was the mid point balance between location and size. Which I think was a good trade off.

On the other hand in House Hunters International we had a buyer looking to spend $500,000 in Rome. And I must say $500,000 does not go very far in Rome. I would have taken any one of those in California over the Rome condos.

Of course if you look at my past post $200,000 in Virginia is an amazing deal!

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