Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My First Sale - Some Ugly Purple Carpet

My First Sale was on as well last night. This show was about selling a very nice home some in the Philidephia area.

In my opinion they did everything correct, the REALTOR gave them a lot of tips to get the house ready for sale, they priced the home mid range to other properties selling in the area and they seemed very flexible around showing times.

It seems that they ended up with a decent numbers of home buyering looking at this house. However, after 9 months on the market the home did not sell. This is the second time I've seen this show and both times the house has sat on the market not selling. You almost need to feel bad for the producers of My First Sale since they have clearly started to make this show at the wrong time it's probably taking far longer to create each eposide than they expected!

If I was going to critical of anything it would be the ugly purple carpet covering up the great hard wood floor. At the start of the show the real estate agent told the home owner to remove the purple carpet and show off the hard wood underneath. Well the home owner removed some of it from an upstairs bedroom and it looked great. However, it was decided that it was just too much work to remove it all from the stairs and main floor. That was a big mistake in my opinion, the real estate agent should have been on them to show the main floor hard wood. I think it would have helped a lot!

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