Friday, 27 May 2011

Property Virgins - An Early Show

I saw an episode of Property Virgins earlier this week. It musth have been one of the first one that they did. The format was pretty much the same, but the production values did not have the polish of the current show. Plus this one was clearly filmed in Toronto Ontario which is where most of the early ones are from.

Of course that brings up an interesting question the host cannot have a real estate license in all of the areas that they film the show. I guess that they must work with a local REALTOR who is "the team" they mention in the latter shows.

Not so much note worthy in this show the buyer ended up with the choice between over paying for a unit that was fully upgraded or buying a condo for a lot less that she could upgrade herself and spend less over all. It seems that the point of the show was that the buyer couldn't see past the existing state of the lower cost unit and choose to spend big!

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