Saturday, 21 May 2011

New TV Show - Decked Out

Well I'm not 100% on if it is actually a new show, but it was new to me last night, the ads on HGTV while it was playing lead me to think it was in it's secound season.

If you have not season this show before it's about a team of builders creating some very amazing back yard decks. The show I saw had them install a pool behind a massive home and then build a deck around it with not 1 but several cabana's.

I was most impressed with the size of the deck, it appeared that they had about 8 people working on it and it took them close to a month to complete .... I would estimate the value of this deck at around $150k by the time to factor in the labour plus materials. Not to mention knowing how much the quotes on my little backyard deck have been.

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