Monday, 23 May 2011

Property Virgins in Richmond Virginia

I watched an episode of Property Virgins tonight, this one was in Richmond Virginia. I did not realize it at the time of watching the show but now that I have blogged it down, I'm thinking that I should comment on the word play of Property Virgins in Virginia. Ok now that I've made my clear reference back to real estate tv blogging.

This shows couple was wanting to buy a home in the the country with a lot of privacy. So the first home that they see happens to be in the country with 2 acres of land around and an ok sized homes. Well it turns out that despite this house being what they asked for it happens to be just a little too far from the city.

Well the next two homes are a lots closer to the city and have good lots, but one of the homes happened to back on to a highway and there was lots of noise. So it did not end up being much of a surprise as to what home this couple purchased.

I also started to watch a show called "My First Place" but it seemed a little too much like Property Virgins but it was missing something to me. I did not get past the first TV break. May be I'll try it again another time.

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