Monday, 30 May 2011

House Hunters in Amsterdam - Condos under construction.

I only caught one show of interested on the weekend it was house hunter international and this show they were in Amsterdam.

First off I was very surprised by the housing prices in Amsterdam this couple was looking to spend around $400,000 in USD and what they were getting where small apartment condos that were actually in the middle of renovations. And when I say small I mean very small I could not imagine living in those small homes.

Now mind you they were looking to buy right down town in the most expensive area so perhaps the house hunt was a bit mislead. But I was not wanting to live in any one of these homes which in unusual for me.

In any event as normal their REALTOR showed them 3 homes and they picked the one that required the most construction. When the show visited them 4 months later the apartment condo did look ok, but still not a place for me.

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