Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Thoughts On the First Month of this Blog

It's June 1st so the first month of this blogs young live if officially over. Now I know that I did not start blogging on May 1st. But when blogger archieves all of my blogs so far they are going to end up in the May 2011 folder and nothing else ever will. So a mile stone has been past.

In any event I wanted to share that so far I have been enjoying blogging. It has enhanced my enjoyment of watching real estate and home for sale tv as I am not watching out for some of the finer points. In addition I am hoping that it has enhanced my spelling and grammer, which is something that I had never mastered back when I was in school.

The other thing of course to note is that I'm certain as I continue to blog my style will develop and I'll become a better blogger, I'll look back at this earlier points and think, how poor quality, look how bad I was blogging back then.

But that is for the future, right now I'm hoping to get some readering and I'm really looking forward to my first comments and getting a conversation going with some readers.

Hint: Comments are very welcome.

Until next time!

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