Thursday, 23 June 2011

Selling New York - Better This Week

I couldn't help myself and ended up watching Selling New York again this week. For some reason I found it to be a lot better. It maybe because I'm learning some of the REALTOR characters now or perhaps it is because they didn't focus so much on the individual condos or co-ops for sale.

Interesting things that happened in this weeks shows were:

1. A couple looking to buy a home near the WTC site had concerns about all of the construction in the area. They ended up getting a tour of development via construction models, video and the viewing deck of a building. I don't think that would have happened for them if the REALTOR didn't have the tv cameras going.

2. Big drama as they had to find a building that would allow a turtle pet.

3. A REALTOR was working with her daughters boyfriend to buy a 3 million dollar home when he decided that he was going to rent, so a $200,000 commission cheque turned into a $7,500 cheque which she declined.

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