Monday, 13 June 2011

Property Virgins in South Beach Florida

Interesting show of property virgins on HGTV last night, this eposide was in South Beach Florida. It profiled a guy who wanted to move to the South Beach Florida area. The problem was that he had million dollars tastes but only a $140,000 budget.

Now the show and the REALTORS did a great job finding him units that he could afford, since it apears $140,000 does not buy you much of a condo in that ara. So he was going to need to put up with a poor view of a parking garage, among some other minor issues.

His buddy was excited to buy some of the places he was being shown but the condo buyer was a bit "Meh" on them and decided not to buy anything.

Come back in a few year when you have a lot more money.

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