Sunday, 19 June 2011

Homes Inspection - Asebestos Over Reaction

I watched this weeks Holmes Inspection on HGTV and was disappointed in the show. Honestly I think we saw Mike overacting to the situation of some Asebestos being found in a home.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that Asebestos is dangerous and kills people. It is certainly a product that we should stop using and stop selling to people. However, that being said once it's been installed and if you don't touch it, it is not suppost to be able to harm you.

So that brings us to the Holmes Inspection show being discussed. In this case the home owner found (and Mike confirmed) a pipe in an other home wrapped in Asebestos. Now this pipe was in the basement, the basement was finished but the pipe was hidden behind drywall, with the slight exception of an unfinished furnace area which had the Asebestor removed. To me and probably a lot of other viewers the Asebestos pipe seemed hidden and had little risk of being moved and causing a problem.

In this case, if there wasn't a TV show picking up the bill, I doubt that the homeowner would have addressed the issue. Since Asebestos is very common in homes of a certain age, it is one of the things you expect when you look to buy an older home with character.

In any event it was interesting to see everything they needed to do to remove the Asebestos.

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