Sunday, 5 June 2011

Decked Out - A Different Episode Finally

I attempted to watched Decked Out 4 more times this weekend, the first 3 attempts resulted in finding the same episode beening shown (Massive deck around a new pool) so I just changed the channel. But finally on the 4th try a different episode!

The show was different than the prior, the house the builders where working with appeared to be either a semi-datched home or the last unit of a townhouse complex. It had a decent sized backyard that extended off to one side of the house (right side from the rear).

What the builders did was take advantage of the backyard extension to the right and ran the deck out that way instead of straight back flush with the home. It ended up looking amazing! It had an upper level for a BBQ area, a lower sitting area that made great use of the space plus a nice water feature.

I am looking forward to seeing some more episodes to see what other designs these builders can come up.

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