Friday, 3 June 2011

Holmes Inspection with Mike Holmes!

Mike Holmes must the be Oprah of real estate tv. As a person in the construction trades getting him to use your company on one of his tv shows must be worth a lot of new business to you!

Homes inspection is Mike's new show. I'm not certain what happened to Homes on Homes but Mike is still on TV so all is good in the world.

In last nights show Mike inspects a house in TO that has an open concept main floor. Well right away as a view you know that this is going to be trouble if Mike Holmes is their somebody has probably pulled out a structural wall.

Which is exactly what happened. The 2nd floor was sagging, loss of structural walls in the basement and the structures that did exist where not properly grounded in the basement. I am surprised that the house did not collopse.

Anyways with a quote of $300,000 to fix the house work got under way only to keep uncovering more problems.

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