Monday, 16 May 2011

My First Sale - Selling the Priciest House on the Block

I just finished watching an episode of My First Sale called Selling the Priciest House on the Block  it was on HGTV. I found this show interesting since at one point the homer owners recruited a psychic to help these sell their home.

Personally I wasn't impressed with their agent to start with as they priced their home $10,000 over the compariable homes based on their agents suggestion. I didn't see any pressure from them to over price their home but that could have been editing of course.

In any event over the course of the show we watch the home owners slowly reduce their price until they are priced correct and then start to receive low ball offer. I am happy for them that they didn't have to sell, I could imagine the desperation of somebody needing to sell there home at any price.

In any event not a bad show to watch.

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